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Stave Falls Elementary
Forest & Nature Program
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​​​Stave Falls' Code of Conduct is designed as a tool to help students make socially responsible decisions in a variety of situations.

Our Code of Conduct details expectations for student behaviour while at​ school and while attending school activities at any location.  The school maintains high expectations for student behaviour and manners based on principles of safety, respect and responsibility.

  • Being helpful to others by thinking and playing safe
  • Being respectful to yourself, others and property
  • Reporting to an adult if you think someone needs help
  • Thinking before you act
  • Taking pride in your accomplishments and striving for your personal best
  • Being positive and kind

At Stave Falls Elementary, we want a safe, caring and harmonious environment for learning. Students are expected to be respectful, responsible and ensure the safety of themselves and others by making wise choices.