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Stave Falls Elementary
Forest & Nature Program
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Forest & Nature Program

​​​​Our mission is to ensure that all students fulfill their potential in becoming happy and confident lifelong learners inspired by wonder, understanding and a compassionate connection to the natural world. W​e aim to provide a safe, healthy, and supportive environment where all students can learn and grow.

“Fostering stewards of the future."

We offer students the opportunity to explore, discover and lear​n in the natural environment every day. Our learning is based on these principles aligning with the re-designed BC Curriculum and Core Competencies: Curriculum Connectedness, Indigenous Worldview and Perspectives, Experiential Education, Hands-On Learning, Cultivating Curiosity, Purposeful Play, and Environmental Stewardship.

“Nature is one of our greatest teachers."

Through an inquiry-based approach, students will be engaged in their learning through daily, meaningful interactions with nature. Whether it be creating a bug hotel, building survival shelters, making cedar bracelets with an elder, or scientifically analyzing the health of a tree, students will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the real world in their life long journey to become educated citizens.

"Explore   Discover   Learn"​

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