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Stave Falls Elementary
Forest & Nature Program
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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Stave Falls Code of Conduct has been created to maintain a safe, caring, and harmonious environment. It applies to all members of the school community, those who travel to and from the school and includes any school-related activities at any location, on social media, or any circumstance/activity that will have an impact on the school environment.
The purposes of the Code of Conduct are:
  • To encourage the development of socially responsible behaviour resulting in a positive reputation for students and the school community.
  • To foster a safe, respectful, and welcoming learning environment for all students, staff, and parents.
  • To clearly communicate behavioural expectations to the school community.
In congruence with the BC Human Rights Code, Canadian Human Rights Act, and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, Stave Falls Elementary is committed to providing a safe, caring and socially responsible school environment in which all learners can achieve academic excellence, personal growth, and responsible citizenship. Safe, caring and socially responsible schools are free from acts of harassment, threats, intimidation, violence, abuse (verbal, physical or sexual), discrimination, theft, and vandalism. Safe schools do not tolerate the presence of weapons, banned substances, or intruders. Discrimination will not be tolerated based on (but not limited to): appearance, capacity, disability, colour, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.
Conduct Expectations

The school maintains high expectations for student behaviour and manners based on these principles:
  • Safety        
  • Respect           
  • Responsibility​
The school’s code of conduct is designed as a tool to help students make personal and socially responsible decisions, demonstrating expected behaviours in a variety of situations:
  • Being helpful to others by thinking and play safe
  • Being respectful to yourself, others, and property
  • Reporting to an adult if you think someone needs help
  • Thinking before you act
  • Taking pride in your accomplishments and strive for your personal best
  • Being positive and kind
 School Motto

At Stave Falls, we are guided by our motto: “Owls take care of the Earth”. 
We focus on positive behaviour supports for students guided by our collaborative core values of:
  • Being Environmental
  • Being Awesome
  • Being Respectful 
  • Being Truthful
  • Being Helpful